by Sebastian A '14

SAT Subject Tests

Recently tenth grade students have been recommended by the math and humanities teachers to take the Math level 1 and World History SAT subject tests. However, they do not bear the same priority as the SAT taken in the junior year, the SAT II or SAT subject tests have increased in significance in application to college. These are 60 minute multiple choice tests, scored with a similar system as the SATs, (each question that is right is given a point, each question wrong is deduces the overall score by a fraction of a point, and each question left blank receives neither a penalty or credit) that span a range of academic subjects from Physics to certain foreign languages. The College Board estimates that every year nearly five hundred thousand students take the SAT subject tests. As for the number of BSGE sophomores taking certain exams this year there are around 30. Although quite a fraction of sophomores are taking the World History and Math Level 1 tests, there are still mixed feelings regarding the exams scheduled for June 2nd.
One of the main issues worrying students is the test date itself and the fact that only around one month’s notice was given to students prior to the exam date. Francisco Barros ‘14 weighed in on the issue saying that, “I feel somewhat confident taking the tests now because I know next year I will have a lot of other things to worry about. But at the same time I feel a bit overwhelmed because none of my other friends are taking the test this year…I think that it really would of helped if the teachers had told us at the end of the semester so that more time could be devoted to preparatory work.” Not as critical about the time frame for preparatory work, Tiffany Mar ‘14 still maintained displayed an air of confidence when saying, “I mean I guess teachers could have told us earlier, however I still feel that it is not that much to prepare for and think that the time frame was fair.” The surety that characterizes many of the tenth grade students when approaching this test is rooted in the preparation that the academic courses have provided.
Many of the tenth grade students agree that the confidence in terms of their preparation for the math exam comes from the tenth grade Algebra 2/Trig course taught by math teacher Mr. Jim Heine. Daniel Uvaydov ‘14, who is signed up for the math exam added, “I definitely feel prepared. I took a practice test and most of the material, except for a few topics, was covered in depth in math class this year.” As for individuals taking the World History SATs, there is slightly more preparation involved in that the nature of the humanities courses at BSGE focuses more on developing skills necessary for the IB exams rather than cramming students with a reserve of miscellaneous facts. Still all in all students seem relatively prepared to take the SAT subject tests on June 2nd, plus there is always next year should the time allotted hinder the students from their full potential this year.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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