by Maya J '16

Seniors Reflect on the College Application Process

As the school year is wrapping up, seniors have some time to look back on the college application process after submitting their final choices. They thought that one of the hardest parts of the process was the beginning of the school year. “The first few months of the college process, it’s really hard because you have all your college essays to do on top of all your schoolwork,” explained Sofia Chelpon ’12.

However, for many, the offers they received made things even harder. “The hardest part for me was deciding where to go in the end, because I ended up having to choose between a lot of schools that I wanted to go to,” she added. Ram Bhadra ’12 felt that sometimes the results were difficult to accept. “I think the hardest part would be when you work so hard toward getting into a really good college, and you don’t get into your dream school,” he said.

One challenge seniors will face in the next few months is making the switch from high school to college. One thing they will miss about BSGE is the friendly environment. “I think I’m going to miss the smallness,” said Sofia, who will attend Hunter College next year. “Hunter is huge, and here everybody knows you, and it’s really comfortable.” Ram agreed. “Every teacher I didn’t have a class with still knew my name. I could ask any teacher for help. I’m going to miss that.”

Some seniors felt that graduating from BSGE made them stand out to colleges. “They see that you come from a school with such high standards, and they see that you’re going to be a diploma candidate,” said Sofia. “It kind of gives you a certain amount of respect from the beginning, because no matter how bad you do in the IB, you’re still doing more work than a lot of people.”

The students had a lot of advice for next year’s seniors. They felt that money was an important thing to keep in mind. “If you’re going to apply for scholarships, apply as early as you can, and do as many as you can, because you don’t want to not go to a school you really want to go to because of money,” said Sofia. The seniors also urged future college applicants not to procrastinate. “Start preparing from junior year,” Ram advised. “Know what college you want to go to, not just one with a good name. See if they have programs you want, a good location and everything.”