by Isabelle M '17

Thoughts on Lockers

Locker policies and use elicit strong responses from both students and teachers at BSGE.  Students in BSGE complain that the people around their lockers are annoying and loud. “Sometimes they are so loud. I just want to relax in the quiet but people scream in my ears instead,” Adrian Kulesza comments. In some locker rooms people crowd around one area, and it affects the number of times students go to their lockers. “Kind of because I have to say excuse me, or wait for them to get out of the way,” Emily Liang says.
Even though students around lockers may be annoying, it doesn’t stop many students because they have started to rely on them. “I have to ignore the people that are loud because I do have to drop off things at my locker every day; usually I get there before them though.” Adrian Kulesza says. Putting heavy textbooks/binders can reduce the weight of backpacks, which is very beneficial. “If I didn’t have my locker then I would have to carry a 20 pound bag around all day.” Adrian Kulesza remarks, “So yes, I do depend on my locker a lot.”
Even though there are fewer lockers than students, some lockers are still empty. Part of the reason is that some students don’t use their locker. “I haven’t used my locker besides putting my coat inside on some days during the winter.” Yasmine Lalkaka said. One reason why students don’t use their locker is because since the lockers are in classrooms, they cannot go to their lockers when class starts. “Mainly I don’t use my locker because I’m late for school and don’t have enough time to go to the room my locker is in.” Yasmine Lalkaka explains.
Also a lot of students in BSGE would rather have a top locker than a bottom locker. There are various reasons, like worries about hitting their heads to being tall. “Top because I don’t have to kneel to get to it and when I stand up I don’t have to worry about hitting my head.” Says Yasmine Lalkaka. “Since I am very tall, I don’t take pleasure having to go on the floor just to open it. I always hit my head on the top lockers too.” Also having a bottom locker is inconvenient. “It’s basically because I do not have to go all the way to the floor everyday. I am really tall and I don’t want to have any inconveniences.” Adrian Kulesza explained.
Some teachers in BSGE thinks that many student use their lockers too much. There are some actions that students take that annoy teachers. “It’s okay, except that there are some people who overuse the privileges of their lockers by going there between first and second period or trying to use their lockers when I’m starting a class, or, hanging around for a long time after school and being loud about it. These are the general annoyances that I have of students using their lockers.” Mr. Shantanu complains. Most schools have lockers in hallways, but BSGE have lockers in classrooms instead of hallways, which interupts classes when students try to go to their lockers, and can annoy teachers such as Mr. Shantanu.
There are also teachers that are happy about students and their lockers. They are glad that there is a place that students can be organized. “No, actually I like that they have a space for them to keep their stuff and be organized, and they also gives them a place to hang out, and socialize and since the school is so small there isn’t a lot of space where the kids can congregate and organize their thoughts and organize their material.” Mr. Anderson comments.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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