by Maisha C '15

BSGE’s Clubs and Activities

We welcome you back to BSGE for another great year, and send out a warm welcome to the new 7th and 9th grade student body. At BSGE, everyone is given the chance to shine and students are encouraged to build on their own interests, whether academic, sports-related, art-related, or otherwise. For students who wish to pursue their interests by participating in extracurricular and after-school activities, BSGE offers a number of clubs that are open to students in every grade. However, some of BSGE’s sports teams are only open to high schoolers.

Students who are interested in playing a musical instrument or learning how to should speak with Ms. Nikkolos, the music teacher. She is in charge of the Band, a group of musically-talented students who meet on Tuesdays during 8th period. If you join this club, you will learn how to play music in a group and work on your skills. You will be given opportunities to perform at school concerts and venues outside of school. If you are looking to learn how to play an instrument, Ms. Nikkolos organizes private and group lessons at other times during the week. Stop by the music room on the 4th floor to find out more and sign up.

Students who enjoy working with technology and computers should consider joining the MOUSE squad. Here, students help maintain school computers, and get a chance to practice their skills. You will receive training on how to solve software and hardware computer issues, and how to update the technology. Everyone is allowed to sign up for the club, however, only students who have basic skills will be accepted (this is based on a screen test). If you are interested in joining, speak to Shantanu, the technology teacher in room 402.

For students interested in math, the Math Club meets on the second, third, and the fourth Mondays of every month in room 400 from 2:15 to 3:05 pm. During the meetings, students from different grades work together to solve math problems. Members of this club are given the opportunity to take part in competitions like Moody’s Mega Math Challenge or AMC. By being part of this club, you get the chance to interact with students from different grades who share an interest with you. If you are looking to join this club, meet Mr. Jim Napolitano for more information.

Students who are fond of writing may want to join the school paper, The BACC Rag. Everyone is welcome to join. Here students investigate issues and/or events that take place in school or outside, and report them to the BSGE community. Students will be able to develop and improve upon their writing skills, but will also be expected to deliver articles and work efficiently with deadlines. A staff meeting takes place every Tuesday from 3:15 to 4:15 pm.

BSGE students give back to their community and the world. The school’s community service committee Helping Hands works with local, national, and international organizations that protect the future of our generation and focus on a variety of issues. For instance, members of this club were able to earn $3,500 for Haiti in the past, a project that the school has been involved in for some time. Students who join the club are expected to attend meetings every Monday from 2:15-3:10 pm and participate in volunteer work outside of the school, too. Remember that you should join the club to make a difference, not just to earn community service hours.

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