by Beatrice M '16 by Maya J '16

BSGE’s First Homecoming Dance

Students dancing at Homecoming

On Friday, September 28th, the senior council hosted BSGE’s first annual homecoming dance, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the cafegymatorium. Tickets were $5 and $7 at the door. All grades were welcome, and earlier in the week, each grade voted for their own homecoming king and queen who were crowned at the dance. Students enjoyed dancing to pop and hip hop music mixed by DJ Frequency, and Virge. The lights were turned off but colored strobe lights lit up the dance floor.

In other high schools, a homecoming dance is usually during the weekend of a school football game, and high school graduates return to their school that night, hence the name “homecoming.” In BSGEthe party involves only the dancing and crowning, but it was a homecoming in a way because some students who transferred to others schools for high school returned to see their friends. Most students felt that the dance was a lot of fun and would definitely do it again next year. Nibras Islam ‘18, who was crowned 7th Grade Homecoming King, had some suggestions on how to improve the party. “It could be earlier, because a lot of people left early,” he said. Although many students enjoyed the selection of music played, some weren’t impressed with the DJ. “Maybe we could have a live performance next year, too,” he added.

Andrea Joseph ’12, a member of the senior council, revealed some of the planning process of the party. “We came up with homecoming because we wanted to have a theme that appealed to all the grades of the school,” she explained. “Our number one concern is that everyone has a good time at our parties, so we go out of our way to do so, even if it means we clean up all night. We want everyone to dance and enjoy themselves.” Students should look forward to more upcoming senior council events this year.

The kings and queens crowned at the dance were: Ivan Pereda ’13, Alejandra Cruz ’13, Adia Wilson ’14, Kevin Likhtshteyn ’14, Omar Nasr ’15, Lauren Hallissey ’15, Sumin Hoque ’16, Sara Asprilla ’16, Malcolm Sherman-Godfrey ’17, Ciara Keogh ’17, Nibras Islam ’18, and Camilla Khan ’18.

Students being crowned Homecoming King and Queen