by Ariel T '14

Shaking Up Junior Streams

This year’s junior class had its streams reorganized and most of its classes enlarged. The classes and which students are in each change almost each period. In 7th grade, classes were divided by language. The next year the two classes of Chinese became one Chinese class, and there were two Spanish classes. The streams were divided accordingly. The next year, 9th grade, to everyone’s surprise the language classes merged and there was a period when everyone had Language B at the same time. Despite having one period where everyone was in a class of split streams, everyone otherwise belonged solely to one stream. Now, in the 11th grade, the classes are separated mainly by students’ science and language choices. English, History of the Americas, and Science are spent with a student’s science class. Language and Math are separate. This year’s eleventh graders have classes with solely their science class, classes mixed between the two science classes, classes according to Math SL or Math Studies, and classes according to Chinese or Spanish.

There has been some confusion about which streams some students are in when it comes time to submit work to For example, Lauren Ouaknine ‘14 was told that she was in 11-2 for English and Art although in Biology and HOA.

In the past, the eleventh grade has had set streams, even when separated by language they belonged to either 10-1, 10-2, 10-3. However this year there is a confusion as to which class everyone is in. Ms. Dikes, the IB Coordinator and 12th grade History teacher, said that this is no accident. The classes were set up this way simply because of scheduling and so the classes have different sets of students. Ms. Dikes added that with this mixing of students, “we become one group, not segregated.”