by Grant C '15

Editorial: Why Romney is the ideal choice

Why Romney is the ideal choice

The Presidential Election is coming up and most of us know the main issue at the center of it all is the economy.  Although there are other topics to discuss that are crucial (foreign policy, national security, health care, abortion, etc.), the economy is at the top of the priority list.  To get to the point, Obama’s campaign is based on strengthening the middle class and the lower class by reducing the wealth gap and his plan in doing that is by increasing taxes on private businesses and wealthy Americans.  I don’t believe this is an ideal policy at all because what Obama doesn’t comprehend is that the majority of jobs for the American people are being provided by the corporations and their financial investors.  On the other hand, Romney’s policy has a foundation of putting the American people back to work and looking to grow the economy for everyone.

Corporations currently have substantial cash reserves but have delayed hiring, due to uncertainty about higher health care costs, regulations and higher taxes.   The government isn’t providing these jobs; rather the private business owners have the potential of creating millions of jobs for the people.  What Obama is doing is taxing big name corporations (again, they are the private businesses that create jobs and employ the American people), but in the long run that’s not going to work because these private businesses cannot continue expanding their company and creating jobs for hardworking Americans if they have no money.  The economy is growing at a 1 to 2 percent rate currently and that just isn’t good enough.  Romney is a business man who knows how to build business and produce jobs.

Romney is focused on creating an environment where all people are working and can continue to make income on a daily basis instead of simply redistributing the money.   Americans want jobs and the economy to grow, but that’s not going to happen if money is simply taken from the rich and used to expand government programs.  If Romney is elected his policy is to help all Americans be able to support their families with increased income. This is why Romney is the ideal choice in the long run, because people are going to be back to work and become productive again and moving ahead.  What’s happening now is Obama is developing a country that has their hand out to the government.  Not to mention that our country is $16,000,000,000,000 (putting all the zeroes so you can see how much money) in debt we cannot afford to keep increasing the size of government.  Every time the economy comes up as an issue Obama always has to point it back at Bush as the cause.  While it’s true Bush spilled the cup, Obama and his congressional Democrats have done nothing to mop up the mess.

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