by Peter Wilson

BSGE Hurricane Sandy Warm Coat Drive

Hi everyone–
The last week has had a tremendous impact upon New Yorkers and everyone who felt the harsh effects of Hurricane Sandy.  The Helping Hands Committee met yesterday and shared how they felt after the disaster.  The conversation soon shifted to a discussion of what can be done to immediately help fellow New Yorkers and our brothers and sisters in Haiti who we’ve helped in the past.  Haitians have been also especially hard hit by Hurricane Sandy with an imminent medical disaster on the horizon for many who live on the island.
The committee will be starting an immediate warm coat, blankets and clothing drive.  HH members will be reaching out to all advisories over the coming days.  All clothing donations and blankets must be clean, without holes or considerable damage.  No hats, gloves or scarves will be accepted.  We will also be collecting canned food, water and medical supplies for those in need in NYC, particularly in the Rockaways and Staten Island.  Canned food, bottled water and medical supplies must be sealed and dates of expiration must be current.  No open items or dated food will be accepted.We ask that you share this information with parents through the BSGE list serve.  Donations will be accepted through Friday, November 30th.
The Helping Hands Committee, in partnership with the Junior and Senior Councils, also hopes to organize a future fundraiser after meeting later on this week and discussing the proposition with Ms. Johnson.  Stay posted for further details.
If there are parents that want to make suggestions of reliable agencies and community-based organizations that are accepting donations, we are open for consideration.  We are also researching volunteer opportunities that BSGE students can safely engage in as HH members felt strongly about getting involved in a more direct capacity.
Thanks for your support.  Stay strong.
Peter Wilson

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