by Vivian Y '16

Welcoming Ninth Grade New-Bees

Former eighth grade students transferred from BSGE to a different high school this year, like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, Frank Sinatra, and Laguardia to name a few. The students who stayed make up two ninth grade streams, and new ninth graders transferred in to BSGE to fill in the void of missing students.

New 9th graders mingling with BSGE veterans at lunch

The new students (“new-bees”) travel together in a stream of their own, Stream 9-1.  “I think the new-bees should be put into our streams,” says Nicholas Wong ‘16. “It allows them to get to know more people.” One student, who would like to remain anonymous, says, “It’s like some of them are in their own bubble. They don’t have many opportunities to talk to people outside of the new kids because they don’t have the same classes as us.” Most of the new ninth graders are in a different stream than the other students because they have to take Living Environment and take the regent this year. Ninth graders in streams 9-2 and 9-3 already took that class in eighth grade in BSGE, taking the Living Environment Regent one year earlier than required. “It’s true that the new stream has a different schedule,” says Khadija Zulfiqar ‘16, one of the new additions to the ninth grade. “But the school is small so it’s like a family.”

All of the new students interviewed had comments about how small BSGE is, and while some may say that the hallways and staircases are crowded, it’s what many students love about BSGE, as it exercises your brain and forces you to dodge a torrent of students coming down the stairs in all directions in the morning. More importantly, the size of the school also gives everyone a chance to get to know everyone else. “We get to see people over and over again which gives us a chance to talk to them more,” says Justin Moy ‘16. Even though new students stick with their own stream during class, during lunch and after school, some mingle with the other ninth graders through mutual friends or by interest.

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