by Ritika K '14

How to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy were felt all over the East Coast, especially in the New York area. Being one of the strongest storms to hit the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy had caused everything to shut down in the tri-state area. People were left without electricity and heat for days, even weeks. New York City public schools, the subway system, bridges, tunnels and roads were closed for almost a week. Thousands of people were also forced to evacuate their homes and stay with their relatives elsewhere or at shelters that were established all around the city. Unfortunately, thousands of people lost their homes and their loved ones during the storm. After witnessing and bracing through the devastating effects of the hurricane, hundreds to thousands of people came out to volunteer and help those affected most by the hurricane. There were different ways in which people volunteered to help the victims. Since the road to recovery is a gradual one, there are still many organizations and things people can do to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

American Red Cross: The Red Cross has continued to help victims of Hurricane Sandy by providing shelter, food and emotional support for the victims. Volunteers of the Red Cross have also helped to serve around 35,000 hot Thanksgiving meals this past week to those who were seeking shelter and a hot meal on Thanksgiving. To make a $10 donation to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, text the world “Redcross” to 90999 or call the Red Cross at 800-Red-Cross. To find out more on how to volunteer and donate to the Red Cross, visit

The Salvation Army: Volunteers of the Salvation Army have provided shelter, food, clean up kits, hygienic items, medicine and clothing to those in need. Several mobile feeding units have been stationed around the East Coast to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. People can make donations from $10 up to $500 where each donation provides something different to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. For example, if you make a $10 donation, then it feeds a victim of the hurricane for one day but if you make a $100 donation, it provides snacks and drinks to 125 survivors and an emergency personnel at the scene of a greatly affected area from the hurricane. To learn more about how to volunteer and donate to the Salvation Army, visit   

Feeding America: Feeding America has provided thousands of pounds of food, water and supplies to those who were greatly affected by the hurricane. This organization has established hundreds to thousands of food banks and food trucks along the East Coast where people can drop off donations such as bottled water, food and other necessities to the volunteers of Feeding America at these food banks. To learn more about how to volunteer and donate to Feeding America, visit

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