Hurricane Sandy Adds More Schools Days in February

Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Coast nearly a month ago, although it seems like it was just yesterday- maybe because some news stations (ehem FOX) won’t stop covering the aftermath of it all and have at least thirty to forty minute segments discussing the natural disaster on a daily basis. That week we were blessed with a week off of school, even though it got in the way of Spirit Week… darn. Many students were extremely excited about missing seven days of school but who wouldn’t be? But we’re not actually missing them. Oh, no. We have to somehow make up the days we were all absent. The New York Department of Education decided “all schools will hold full-day sessions from Wednesday, February 20, through Friday, February 22. These days were previously scheduled as part of mid-winter recess.” Additionally, we will have to attend a full day of school on June 4th, which was previously marked as a half-day. Missing seven days of school to make up three days seems pretty fair to me, although I’d much rather have a Klondike Bar.

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