by Ariel T '14

The New Art Display

The school’s art department recently decided to purchase the Seniors’ art work  in an attempt to create a school collection of art. The art now on display in the lobby across from the office is new this year and has attracted a lot of attention. The framed painting on display now is a wolf painted by Kara Tong called “Stripped” and portrays animal abuse.

Kara Tong's piece, titled, "The Strap"
Kara Tong’s piece, titled, “Stripped”

A painting titled “New York/Nevada” by Dominique Cottichio and Sofia Chelpon’s print of a patio also need to be hung. In total three seniors from last year from the senior show were chosen because their work demonstrated and exemplified the goals of the IB art program. The art chosen from last year was decided based on how thoroughly students studio work investigated ideas, developed skills and clearly communicated ideas. Mr. Sheridan said he also looked for confidence and independence in the work. The students whose work was chosen spent a lot of time in eight period and were curious to use new media. The research thoroughly backed up their work and there were high standards met in the visual journals as well as in the studio work.
The school’s art department bought them for the school to begin a collection of student artwork. Pieces will be chosen every year now. “Two pieces is a decent amount, we started off ambitious,” joked Ms. McCabe. Approximately one piece from each class, otherwise the walls will be filled up pretty soon. A side effect of this will inevitably be competition. Ms. McCabe and Mr. Sheridan don’t think this will be a negative effect. Ms. McCabe described that she “went to an art magnet school and was obsessed with having [her] art on the wall by the end of the 12th grade.” This is relatively new for our school so it may take awhile for people to become extremely competitive over it, or those that are very into art will naturally strive to create art that they are interested in and these will be those that work hard and end up with their art on the wall.

Dominique Cottichio's piece, titled, "New York/Nevada"
Dominique Cottichio’s piece, titled, “New York/Nevada”
Dominique Cottichio's piece, titled "New York/Nevada"
Dominique Cottichio’s piece, titled “New York/Nevada”

The purpose of the wall be also to show the range of form and medium and ideas IB art can take. Students are motivated to create unique works that do not have to be in paint. For example, Kara Tong’s use of material was creative; two layers of paint and paper, the first sheet is a watercolor of the skeleton and innards. A type of paper called vallum was on top over the main painting used to depict the outside of the wolf, the fur and such.
The work on display was taken to be generously framed in Brooklyn at a place called “Make a Frame” by a friend of Ms. MCcabe’s, Thoren Vadala, who donated the services to the school. Ms. McCabe finds that “having the work professionally framed creates that much more prestige.” She also said that due to already having access to nice art materials the framing is another step to making our art look professional.


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