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BSGE Orchestra Performs at Sunnyside Community Center

The Players for Peace. (All pictures courtesy of Abdel Berraha inc.)
The Players for Peace. (All pictures courtesy of Abdel Berraha inc.)

On December 13th, BSGE’s orchestra, the Players for Peace, performed for senior citizens at the Sunnyside Community Center.  The 26 member band, which draws from all grades, performed during the school day and played eight pieces they have been practicing after school since the beginning of the year.

7th grader, Elijah K ’18, who plays the violin in the orchestra, commented that the performance “Made you proud of yourself” especially when playing the national anthem because some members of the audience stood up and began to sing along.

Annie C ’18, who also plays the violin for the orchestra, commented that the concert was a “good experience because Ms. Nikkolos wanted me to play a solo but I didn’t want to but we came to an agreement that me and Francesca would do a duet.” The whole experience was also new since she has “performed in school but never outside of school it was pretty cool.”

There is a great mix of abilities and experience in the orchestra. Some of the students just began playing their instruments while others have been playing for years. IMG_4140

Ben B ’18, who plays the flute for the orchestra and started learning the flute last year, said it was “quite interesting how much my practice brought me to where I was” while performing.

The Players for Peace will be performing again on January 24th at BSGE.

The cost of the program has been supported by the VH1 Save the Music program.

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Below is a program for the event.

BSGE Orchestra Members 

*Michael Xu   Piano/Percussion

Stephanie Mach   Piano/Percussion

Aayman Abdelatif  Piano/Percussion

John Park    Piano/Percussion

Luca Bocseri  Piano/Percussion

Jensen Li    Piano/Percussion

IMG_4128*Alisa Mizukami  Percussion

Jenny Lieu   Percussion

Richelle Chen  Percussion

Gracelyn Chen  Percussion

Levanna Wang  Percussion

*Benjamin Zhang  Trombone

*Seong Ji Oh  Clarinet

Emma Keegan  Clarinet

Loula Chen   Clarinet

*Miles Gamboa  Alto Sax

Matthew Farella  Alto Sax

*Francesca Tan   Flute

Rena Kitagawa  Flute

Karen Yeung      Flute

Isabelle Mah        Flute

Ben Bagbek          Flute

*Elijah Karshner  Violin

Annika Cheng     Violin

Johnathan Wong  Percussion

Peyton Heron    singer


The program……


“Players for Peace”

The ‘Little’ Symphony of BSGE!

Conductor, Diana Nikkolos

The National Anthem

American Folk Melody

Elijah Karshner, violin solo

America the Beautiful

New York, New York

Miles Gamboa, Alto Saxophone solo

Scarborough Fare

Water Music

Climb Every Mountain

Annika Cheng , violin

Francesca Tan, Flute

Holiday  Fantasy

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