by Justin H '17

9th Grade Flour Babies


In order to warn 9th graders about the dangers of teenage pregnancy, Mr. Powell assigned his 9th grade health class the flour baby project.  9th graders in the project have to carry a five-pound sack of flour that is dressed like a baby to school, to all of their classes, and then back home.  The flour baby is supposed to be treated like a real baby.  9th graders aren’t allowed to cram the baby in their backpacks, or leave them in their lockers.  The project shows how difficult it is to carry a baby around and take care of it, and warns against casual sex.
Mr. Powell gives this project to every 9th grader in his health class.  It ran for one full week, from January 7 to January 11.  When he was in high school, his health teacher assigned him the same project. Mr. Powell explained, url-1 “I’m just passing it along to the next generation.”

The project seems to accomplish its goals well.  The project itself doesn’t appear that difficult, except that the 9th graders have to carry the baby to every class, every day, for five days without putting it in their backpack or locker.  Sumin Hoque ’16, a 9th grader who participated in the project said, “It takes a lot of work to carry around a baby wherever you go, and on the trains people stare at you.” He also added that the project worked well in helping kids understand the importance of their decisions.



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