by Lydia S '15

New Lunch Spot Near BSGE

What was once sketchy warehouses and vacant hair salons, the borders of Astoria evolves into trendy cafes and restaurants with the first step of Savory Foods Café opening.

Located on 36th Avenuimage-1e, the European patisserie café is an ideal spot for customers to drop in for their recommended coffee and chocolate flavored macaroons, cappuccinos and napoleons.

A block away from UA Kaufman movie theater, the Museum of Moving Image and Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Savory Cafe welcomes a wide variety of customers that range from high school students to Astoria residents and young couples.

Andres Gomez, a student at the Baccalaureate School for Global Education located a block away, is hopeful for the new bakery’s success.

“The food was great and I love the interior set up,” Gomez said. “I felt like the overall ambiance provides a perfect location for a casual after school hang out spot.”

When entering the café; it is the array of mouth watering desserts behind glass, the three-seated set up of their sleek and spatial counter and visible kitchen, ornamented with hanging whisks and rolling pins where staff members bake fresh desserts and breads every morning, that sets the classic bakery atmosphere.

This is the first bakery for the ambitious manager, Dris Labadi, to solely open which he is extremely excited about. Although born and raised in Morocco, Labadi has learned the skills of major patisseries and worked various places around the world, from Paris to Saudi Arabia, perfecting his baker‘s trade. He has worked in various bakeries and patisseries, including “Noisette Pastries” on Steinway that he is actively a part of.

One of Labadi’s dreams has always been to open his own bakery in Manhattan, but due to the current cost of rent that has been escalating over the years, he has made a home out of Astoria for Savory Cafe.

Surprisingly, the current economy has not repressed his goals in any way.

In fact, little changes, such as branching Savory Café out to the food truck market has helped him reach his dream, to which Labadi explains he will be setting up various food trucks in Manhattan and Queens to serve coffee, tea, pastries and breads that busy New Yorkers can quickly pick up on the go.

“I want to bring more people to go into the carts in the city, I know push carts have been very popular lately,” Labadi elaborated.

You can see the lined pushcarts sporting the Savory Cafe logo from across the street of the bakery, just waiting to begin, however pushcarts aren’t the only things Labadi is planning to do.

After the café gets a firm grounding, he intends to purchase and create more space in the back of the café so customers will be able to sit down and relax with treats and a macchiato. The ambition never stops for Labadi, and it is evident through his steady successes at Savory Cafe in there barely three weeks of opening.image-2

If you’re in the neighborhood, or not in the neighborhood, either way, to check out this recently established bakery it is a must.

In response to the question of what is the best item at Savory Cafe, Labadi confidently replied with a smile, “The macaroons are good, the cakes are good. Everything is good!” He couldn’t have said it any better.

Savory Cafe also offers special occasion cakes that customers can order to their preference by telephone or in person. Next week they’ll be starting their packaged salads and sandwiches that maintain their fresh taste, but now in an even more convenient way

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