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BSGE’s Winter Music Concert Photos and Program

Photo Credit: Michael Xu

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Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha
Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha
Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha
IMG_6006 001
Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha
Photo Credit: Abdel Berraha


(The Concert’s Music Program)

Baccalaureate School for Global Education and

Principal Ms. Kelly Johnson


The Winter Concert!

January 24th, 2013

Musical Director

Diana Nikkolos

Visiting Accompanist

Dr. Fabio Gardinal

Helping Hands Director Peter Wilson

Welcome:  Ms. Diana Nikkolos

Director of the BSGE Music Department

“Players For Peace”


“The Star-Spangled Banner”

By; Frances Scott Key

“Helping Hands” Address

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Miles Gamboa, Alto Saxophone

 “America the Beautiful”

By; Samuel Ward

Philip and Filip Martinovic

Grades 11 and 7

Four-Hand Piano

“Scarborough Fair”

English Folk Tune

Violin soloist: Elijah

“Water Music”

By George Frederic Handel

 “Let it Snow”

“Jingle Bell Rock”

Holiday Songs, by the


Zoe Palminteri, Hanako Montgomery and

Ergisa Xhuveli

Choreographer: Hanako Montgomery

Holiday Fantasy

Arrangements by Accent on Achievement

“Players for Peace”


BSGE 7th Grade Percussion Ensembles with   BSGE Music Conductor and Teacher:

Diana Nikkolos and Fabio Gardinal, Accompanist

Class 7-4

“Traditional Country Music”

Violin solo: Elija Karshner


By, Barnett/arr.Nikkolos

“Climb Every Mountain”

By Richard Rogers with percussion accompaniment arranged by Nikkolos

Flute: Francesca Tan

Violin: Anneka Cheng

Pianist: Fabio Gardinal

Class 7-1

Dance of the Clog Shoes

By, Gert Bomhof

March 2 By, Barnett/arr.Nikkolos

Class 7-3

“Italian Concerto”

By, J.S. Bach

Jennifer Qu 7-1

“Little Drummer Boy”

Holiday song, arr. By Meessen/Nikkolos

Class 7-2

Horse of a Different Color

By, Barnett/arr.Nikkolos

Summoning the Spirits

By,Kevin Tuck/arr.Nikkolos

                            “Players for Peace”

BSGE Orchestra Members

Ms. Nikkolos-Maestra

Fabio Gardinal , Piano Accompanist

Michael Xu   Piano/Percussion

Stephany Mach   Piano/Percussion

Aayman Abdelatif   Percussion

John Park    Piano/Percussion

Luca Bocseri /Percussion

Jensen Li    Piano/Percussion

*Alisa Mizukami  Percussion

Jenny Lieu   Percussion

Richelle Chen  Percussion

Gracelyn Chen  Percussion

Levanna Wang  Percussion

*Sarah Chan  Trumpet

*Benjamin Zhang  Trombone

*Seong Ji Oh  Clarinet

Haley Torres  Clarinet

Emma Keegan  Clarinet

Luola Chen   Clarinet

*Miles Gamboa  Alto Sax

Matthew Farella  Alto Sax

  • Indicates Section Leader

*Francesca Tan   Flute

Alexandra Ramos   Flute

Rena Kitagowa  Flute

Karen Yeung      Flute

Ben Bagbek          Flute

*Elijah Karshner  Violin

Anneka Cheng     Violin

Johnathan Wong  Violin

On behalf of the Music Department of Baccalaureate School for Global Education, Ms. Nikkolos would like to thank the entire BSGE Family for this most successful school year! At we celebrate our BSGE 10th Year Anniversary, BSGE music department celebrates it’s 19th Benefit Concert! In the past 10 years, we have helped to raise over $12,000. for charity from donations made at our concerts. This money has supported relief in areas of devastation throughout the world, including Africa, Pakistan, Haiti, Japan as well as here at home in the USA.Together with the Helping Hands, this money has been distributed and greatly appreciated. We also want to thanks VH1 for their generous grant of musical instruments for the students to use freely throughout the year.

Personally, Ms. Nikkolos wants to recognize the support Mr. Sam Ulano for writing over 4,500 books

Instructional books filled not only with note, but literature to help the student when they are practicing at home. Also, for his help in securing the many world music instruments and drum pads and sticks for our classroom use.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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