by Lydia S '15

BSGE’s Own Rising Musician

BASTBradley Alex Stewart, our own BSGE 10th grader released his much anticipated mix tape titled IGNO he’s been working on for over 3 months on Sunday, February 24th. Stewart, or his musician name BAST, had been working on the mix tape not only for his personal project product, but also to prove himself as a legitimate musician. The mix tape available to listen on Sound Cloud had a very positive reaction from the public. More than 570 listens in one day, countless numbers of Facebook shares of the new artist and even a possible gig with Qaasim Middleton, one of the members of the famous Nickelodeon show, the Naked Brothers Band who now attends LaGuardia High School. Support the rising musician, listen to his Sound Cloud, like his Facebook page, promote promote promote!

1.) What’s your artist name?

2.) What does that mean, where’d you come up with that?
Bradley Alex Stewart Twiggy. Twiggy is a nick name that my friends outside of school call me.

3.)Cool. So, what instruments do you play?
Well, do you mean instruments that I’ve been playing for more than a year?

4.) Yeah.
Oh alright, then guitar, harmonica… Yeah, that’s about it.

5.) With the music you create, are you only using your guitar and your voice?
Depends on the genre, because usually when I play with my bands or with myself I use my guitar when we do instrumental… And we focus on rock.

6.) What are the genres of music you play?
Jazz, hip hop, rock and funk.

7.) How many songs have you made with your music?
I forgot a lot of the songs, but I probably made a good 10 to 15 songs with guitar. And hip hop wise, it’d probably 10 or 11.

8.) Are these 15 songs are of different genres, or all they all hip hop?
I mean, there’s a hip hop section, a guitar section, but a lot of the times my songs intertwine with both.

9.) With you guitar, do you play acoustic or electric?
I wish I played acoustic because I like sound better, but I play electric.

10.) Have you completed any albums or mix tapes yet?
Well, for my personal project I’m working on completing a mix tape and putting it up. And with my other band, we’re producing an album right now.

11.) Oh, what’s your other band?
*Laughs* Well, we call ourselves ERRACTIUS.

12.) What does that mean?
I don’t even know, to be honest my friends just came up with it.

13.) How often do you have band practice?
Every Sunday.

14.) So, for your personal project mix tape, what kind of music will you be making?
Rap! Straight up rap.

15.) What inspires you to make music?
Well the way I see it, music is an art form and form of expression. And I feel that it’s better to express yourself through music where people can really grasp the emotion rather than just words or statements. And in music, people can actually experience the emotion while grasping the knowledge.

16.) Where do you get the material that inspires you to create music? Is it life? Events? Society?
Well, in my opinion my art form or music is pretty abstract, so for an example I would… It’s almost like a combination between contradictions and two opposites, so people would say “Oh that’s disgusting” or “Oh that’s beautiful” and I would try to find a way to combine both things together so it seems abnormal to make it abstract. I usually combine different ideas revolving around the same topic to create different opinions and interpretations.

17.) When did you start getting into making your own music?

I started making music started in 7th grade when I picked up my first guitar. I was the never the type to make copies of music, I’ve always wanted to immediately try to create. I started my first band in the 10th grade with my friends and then there’s been a lot of stuff changing with the band. Break ups, make ups, that sort of thing.

18.) How many bands have you been apart of in the past?
Probably around seven.

19.) So it seems like you have a lot of friends that are into music?

Yeah, I was really surrounded by that. My father would always always put music in my hand and encourage me to play. I’ve been around music so much to the point that I wanted to make my own. And usually when I listen to my father’s music or other music, they always stay within in the genre. My opinion was to create a genre where nothing is the same. So abstract that you can’t predict what’s going to happen next, what someone will say or do next.

20.) Have your parents always encouraged your music?

Well, how it went was when I joined a band they would say “I encourage you to be in a band, and do what you want to do, but you have to maintain good grades in school”. You can’t just slack off.

21.) When did you realize that music could be an actual career and future for you?

I didn’t realize music could be a career, like wow I can actually do this, until 9th grade during Creative Writing. You remember, we actually had to bring in our own poems and stuff like that? So I decided to actually put effort in and brought it in. And then I started getting really great feedback and I never knew that I was any good. After that I just started writing, and writing, and writing, and then put it all together till I had, I don’t know, 15 pages single spaced.

22.) What musical artists most inspire you?

Mos Def and Nas. They have defined their way of rapping, it’s just so… Gravity holds onto their voice, and every time they say something it’s not fake, it’s just real and alive. Like, you don’t expect 2 Chainz to rap about something real, the others pay attention to their beat, they don’t just pull out some random stuff. Yeah, so those two are my idols.

23.) Do you want to continue producing music after high school as a career choice?

Well my primary goal is to get into the music industry as a rapper. I can’t see myself working in an office or anything like that, because I just hate the idea of taking orders and I like the idea of creating, and in a sense finding myself while making my music.

24.) What are your next steps in order to achieve that goal?

Well first off, I’m recording my mix tape and that’s going pretty well. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into it and hopefully it’s going to get good feedback. The hardest part is just getting my music out there. I mean, I have some connections but I don’t know how that’s going to go, I just need to get the word out. Open mikes, twitters, all that. Promote as much as possible and then hopefully I’ll touch upon just that right person that will have that connection. I mean there is no easy way to get noticed. You just have to promote, promote and don’t let one person say you’re trash let that hurt you.

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