by Vivian Y '16

Rolling and Backpacks Don’t Go Together

An artist’s rendering of one of the “wheelie bags” seen around BSGE

Are you one of those weird people using backpacks that actually go on your back? We must look like a bunch of pack mules to the students who use a rolling backpack with wheels. While we
laboriously bear the burden on our curving spines, resembling the hunchback of Notre Dame more and more, the elite rolling backpack crew swiftly make their way through crowded hallways and stairs. It seems like their backpack acts as a sort of divider as students dive out of the way like sheep herded to the sides. The unfortunate ones don’t see the backpack in time, hidden in the mass of shuffling feet and legs like a predator waiting to strike. Bam! The backpack springs out and knocks you over. Maybe the wheels even run over your fingers and you feel the weight of five babies. Hopefully they’re just flour babies.

What’s even loaded in those rolling backpacks that makes them too heavy to carry on backs? Do they have spare clothes, food, all of their textbooks, a GPS navigator and all their legal documents in there? Are they even going to an airport?
Rolling backpacks clutter the hallway and stairs, making it difficult for others to make their way through. They kind of act like dogs following the owner, swinging haphazardly and being very naughty. Unless you are a kind of person that likes to step on dogs (what is wrong with you?), we usually go out of our way move around them. Unless some students have to use these kinds of backpacks for medical purposes, BSGE should ban them once and for all.


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