by Andres G '15

BSGE’s New French Club

BSGE has a new French Club that started meeting in January. The French club has taken up shop in room 205 after 8th period on Wednesdays. Its objective isn’t to teach the French language but to promote French culture throughout the school. Culture, in this context, includes french cinema, cuisine, music and other traditions that are an integral part of all francophone (French speaking) countries.

The French Club's new T-Shirt Design
The French Club’s new T-Shirt Design

The first meeting was held on January 9th attended by a large crowd of enthusiastic students. Those in the French club are attempting to have events and go on trips that would touch many aspects of French culture such as a film night, a spring themed party on April 12th and trips to French restaurants.

Those who don’t take French as a foreign language course but share a genuine interest in French culture are welcome to participate in all these events.  Students, such as Steven A ’14 who believes that “French club looks a fun opportunity to be immersed in international cultures.” Those who take French however view it not as an opportunity to acquire community hours but also as a chance to improve their knowledge of the language by getting a sense of people and traditions. Adela G ’15 has a particular affinity for French culture. She said, “ I love French film and I find it an effective way of better understanding the language so I’m really excited for movie night!” Others view it as a way to become better involved in extra curricular activities. Andrea S’15 explains, “ There aren’t many parties in BSGE so I’m glad to be involved in the set up of the Mardi Gras party which I think everyone should go to!”  Whether it is to be immersed in the culture or to become more involved in the school’s activities, students seem genuinely interested in the French Club.

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