by Lydia S '15

BSGE Moves to Bigger Testing Space for 7th Grade Applicants

William Cullen Bryant High School
William Cullen Bryant High School

On Monday, January 28th more than 550 sixth graders sat down for an admissions test at William Cullen Bryant High School in Long Island City to apply for the BSGE’s class of 2019. This is the first time that BSGE has had to relocate for the admissions exam because of lack of space due to the record number of applicants. The increase students applying is a sign of how BSGE has become a lot more recognized, perhaps because of our #1 Best High School in NY Ranking from last year, or because we’ve been established for ten years. It’s possible that in the future, BSGE students will no longer have to shyly that “It’s a small school, you probably haven’t heard of it…” when people ask which high school they attend. One can dream.

The 6th graders filed into the high school to find their rooms, fill out contact info and then complete an exam for both Mathematics and English Reading Comprehension in one hour. One sixth grader, a younger sibling to  a current BSGE student said that the Math part of the test was “really hard”.

BSGE’s increasing popularity can be seen as both positive and negative. Some of these factors include the more competitive application process. With more and more applicants and still only approximately 80 seats available, application administrators for BSGE will be a lot more strict. Now report cards grades, test scores and bubbled in answers are more valued and prioritized in order to allow the school to whittle the numer of applicants from 550 applicants to 80.

At BSGE’s past open houses, Principal Kelly Johnson has said that this school is different from Stuyvesant, or Hunter, or Bronx Science because of our relaxed environment and very intimate atmosphere. BSGE has always been unique in its genuine care and attention towards the characters of BSGE applicants,who would made successful IB learners and work well into its “family.” While the increasing popularity of the school has already changed the admissions process we are left to wonder whether the values that BSGE has prioritzed and embodied will change and whether the high U.S News ranking will change the school’s nature.

One reply on “BSGE Moves to Bigger Testing Space for 7th Grade Applicants”

Please correct FIRST sentence in article “BSGE Moves to Bigger Testing Space for 7th Grade Applicants”.

I believe it should be BSGE’s class of 2019 instead of BSGE’s class of 2020.

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