by Annie C '18

Stream 7-2’s Creative Writing Project

A student’s sculpture from the class

For the past month, stream 7-2’s Creative Writing class has been working on a very interesting sculpture project.  It started out as individual work, but then became a group collaboration.  The students in the stream wrote their own personal narratives, and then had the chance to create a sculpture, drawing, or some sort of art that represents their writing piece, whether it be literal, abstract, or somewhere in between.  Then, they all came together to make one huge story that incorporated all of the various sculptures.  At the end, they create a video that tells that whole story.  Their teachers, Ms. Hawkins and Mr. Bendeck, who are students themselves at Sarah Lawrence College, are over seeing the whole project with the assistance of Jory and Sean, prominent local artists, who helped with the creation of the sculptures.  According to Jory, the purpose of the project was “To start with narratives, to create sculptures from the narratives, and then create a narrative from the sculptures.”

After being shown last year’s class video, the students worked on the beginning of the group story, and left the finishing of the story to each of the kids to write separately.  By combining all of their endings into one, they will finish their story and begin to make their video, in one huge class collaboration.  Their story apparently involves a crazed voodoo pizza lover, his feathered clumsy assistant, a unicorn with a rainbow horn, his microphone grandmother, and a race from planet Blarg to the prophesied Cake of Youth.  With Grandma Microphone’s life on the line, they race to see who can attain the legendary pastry first.


The whole class seems to have enjoyed this project, even the teachers.  Sean K. from 7-2 said, “I loved being able to use my imagination to bring clay to life.” According to Ms. Hawkins, “The best part was getting to see the kid’s sculptures.  You guys are brilliant sculptures.  Also, reading the amazing story they came up with.”   In addition to the project, the students went on a field trip on May 3, to the Noguchi museum, Socrates Park and Rainey Park to experience artwork in the community.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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