by Tatiana E '18

7th Grade Alka Seltzer Science Lab

alka setlzerThe 7th grade students were assigned a difficult lab by Mr. Laskowski early in the second semester in which students measured the dissolving time of an Alka- Seltzer tablet. The students, working with a partner, had to place multiple tablets of Alka- Seltzer into glasses full of different temperature water. The purpose of the lab was to measure the temperature that would dissolve the Alka-Seltzer tablet the fastest. After the actual lab was completed the students only had a week to work on the written part which made the lab even more treacherous. 7th grader Zoe Fisher pointed out that “The actual experiment itself wasn’t hard to do, but writing the report was very time consuming.” The list of requirements was long and the structure was tough to follow, but not impossible. Hana Memisevic said, “Even though to get full credit you had to make everything neat and all the data correct, it was not to much to ask because we had over a week to compete this lab.”
Even though the lab had many requirements, Mr. Laskowski helped prepare the students for it. Zoe Fisher explained, “All of the things he took off for were in the rubric. He told us every way that we could lose points so if we did then it was our own fault.” Mr. Laskowski made everything clear for us to understand. Hana Memisevic stated “We had a sample lab before that one which made us know what to expect.”
The grading process that Mr. Laskowski used was fair for everyone. Zoe Fisher added that, “We all learned the same things about the lab, had the same amount of practice, and had the same opportunity to go to Mr. Laskowski after school. Everyone was given the same opportunity and amount of time.” Not only was everything fair for the students, but also the grading was also fair. Hana Memisevic said, “I think the grading was very fair for the fist lab report because instead of the lab being out of 40 points it was out of 20 points. If we did something in the lab wrong the points were worth half of what they usually are.”

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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