by Michael X '18

The 7th Grade Technology Project

Scratch_LogoThe 7th grade recently completed an animation project using the computer program, Scratch. Students worked in groups to create a short film using the program. In each group, several students made Sprites, the actors of the Scratch program, and others created scripts for the Sprites. Students integrated their individual ideas to make compelling stories. One group’s film was about a superhero in a circus who saves a tightrope actor. The story combined the various group members’ interests.

Success in this project depended heavily on teamwork and communication. Mr. Saha, the 7th grade technology teacher, said, “It [the project] teaches kids about the values of communication.”

The students really enjoyed their work. Matthew Burke explained, “It was interesting to see my project changed by other group members and their views were interesting.” He also felt that there were advantages and disadvantages to group work. He felt that although you could merge ideas within your group, you could also end up with uncooperative group members who contributed nothing.

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