Photos from IB Art Show 2013


This evening, BSGE’s seniors exhibited their art pieces at the Aurora Gallery in Astoria, NY. The seniors had been working on their pieces all year and have, since the beginning of the year, found a focus or theme for their pieces as well as what media they like to work in. Today, the seniors showed off their work to fellow students, BSGE teachers, and others as closure to their IB Art curriculum. Click for more pictures of BSGE’s seniors setting up for the show: (Photo credit: Jessica B ’13)


390158_10201182237935168_863186535_n 385293_10201182215134598_437419485_n 942086_10201182281376254_370762879_n 972211_10201182213014545_1073318734_n 942330_10201182237255151_2059983822_n 581764_10201182259375704_1216306228_n-1


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