by Tatiana E '18

French Clubs Hosts First Spring Fling at BSGE

IMG_6562 copy
Photo by Emma K ’18

On May 3, 2013 the French Club hosted BSGE’s first ever Spring Fling, a French culture themed dance. There were refreshments, snacks, and great music with students from all grades in attendance. The French Club sold more than 130 tickets and made additional money selling refreshments.

The French teacher and advisor for the French Club, Mr. Rajiv, said that he believed the real purpose of the dance was to put the French Club on the map. Even though the club recently started in January 2013 there were still over 30 students that constantly attended meetings and planned events for the club. Mr. Rajiv also wanted to bring more fun to learning about French culture without the structure of a classroom.  He wanted to allow the students to gain more exposure to the French culture as well.

Overall Mr. Rajiv considered Spring Fling a success. The French Club raised a lot of money, had a great party, and got a good response from the students. The next meeting the students will have will be focused on how the money raised should be used. Possible French Club activities include a trip to somewhere in New York City, possibly a trip abroad, or bringing in a professional French chef for the students in the French Club.

Mr. Rajiv was amazed by the level of leadership and management skills he witnessed from the students who organized the Spring Fling. He said, “Overall I think that the spring fling dance was a tremendous success and I was completely impressed and thankful for the leadership skills that the French club members displayed. We all had fun and that was the point.”


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