by Justin H '17

8th Graders Leaving BSGE

Every year, some of the 8th graders in BSGE leave it for other high schools, such as Stuyvesant or Bronx Science.  This year, with the largest 8th grade class in the school’s history, one might expect the largest number of 8th graders in the school’s history to leave, but that is not the case.  Only 14 out of 98, a little over 14%, of the 8th graders are leaving for other public schools this year, which is a much smaller percentage than ever before.

One reason why this might be the case is that the school has gotten much more well-known recently.  The US News and World Reports ranked this high school as #1 in New York state last year, and #4 in the state this year.  Fewer people will want to leave a school that is ranked that highly.  The reason that more people are trying to enter the school is probably the same.  People will want to be in a school that is ranked high, because that makes them see it as a good school.

As a result of fewer people leaving this school and more people trying to enter it, getting in will probably be much more competitive.  It could be as difficult as trying to get into a school like Stuyvesant, but BSGE is very different as a school.  In Stuyvesant, the atmosphere is very competitive and unfriendly, and the school itself is huge.  By contrast, BSGE is a small and closely knit school community, which is helped by the building’s small size.  As Ms. Johnson reminds us every time she makes an announcement, our school is like a family.  That could be another reason why people don’t want to leave.  Very few schools have that type of friendly atmosphere where everybody knows everybody else.  That environment is very good in a school.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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