The Change In Streams

This year BSGE created a drastic change to the stream setup throughout the grades. Though stream organizations changed every year, often having students grouped with several students they meet consistently in each class from 7th to 10th grade (11th and 12th graders are under an IB diploma program). Now, under the new system, streams are assigned to only seventh graders. All other students have unique schedules and belong in sections. Sections label specific groups within each subject and students may be part of several sections.
This change had been discussed by the school board for at least six years, though it was only applied this year. It was designed so classes would not be so “closed” as Tim David Lang says, but larger and more complex. An environment where students know classmates less personally allows new ninth graders to join BSGE with less difficulty of “mixing in.” The system only allows seventh graders to remain in streams because they are “brand new” and require adjusting to the school environment one step at a time.
Many flaws to the newly introduced sections which cause many students such as Nicole Svirinavichyus’ 18 to conclude, “I love streams but hate the new system.” The new change has caused many problems, including confusion on how to write headers and how to organize students’ work. The new system has also made students get to know peers in less depth as they could have in streams. Arpita Nag’18 says that the new system is “Sometimes confusing because you are not sure whom to follow [to classes].”
Teachers on the other hand argue that the new change is more beneficial than not. They point out that students have the ability to meet more people they never would have met if the stream system were continued. For example Chinese learners would never have had Spanish learners in their classes. Mr. Shantanu said “you [students] have more responsibility,” referring to streams as beneficial because students can’t follow around others to figure what their next class is. These benefits also are helpful to adapt to a high school environment, which operates using such a system.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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