by Annie C '18 by Michael X '18

Advice to 7th Graders from 8th Graders

• Get involved. Try to go to as many after-school clubs as you can.

o After you join, you can always quit if you dislike it afterward.

o Meet people from other grades, and get to know the people in your own grade better.

o Create your own clubs as long as you find other people who are interested in the same stuff you are.

o Earn community service hours for some activities.

• Be a kid for as long as you can. As you get older, you’ll find that you have less and less time to enjoy yourself. Trying to grow up too quickly is not a good idea, because you will never get that precious time back.

• DON’T PROCRASTINATE. This is really important, and although people have probably told you over and over again, it is better not to learn this the hard way.

o Do your homework on the day it is assigned.

 o Study for tests early, and study a bit each day. Cramming usually doesn’t work. Tests are important.

 o Finish your homework as early as you can, so you actually have time to do other fun activities (including sleep).

o Start and try to finish projects early.  Plan out the work you will do each day.

• Use available resources.

o Use the library.  The books are there for you.

o Go to teachers after school to ask questions if you need to.  The teachers will be more than willing to help you with your educational endeavors and problems.

o Use the technology, like computers, provided by the school.

• Try to maximize sleeping hours.

o Try to finish everything early, so you can actually sleep.

o You will find that sleep is extremely rare and precious if you don’t manage your time well.

o If you don’t sleep well, you can’t function properly the next day.  (And don’t drink too much coffee, then you won’t function very well either.  Same goes with candy.)

o Grab sleep as often as you can.  However, avoid sleeping in class. That could get you into trouble, and you’ll miss a lot of notes.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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