by Luke M '18

Film Club Begins Production

Natalia Belchikov ’16, a passionate 10th grader determined in creating her own film started the fun and interesting Film Club in hope that other club members would assist her in the film-making process.

Art teacher Ms. Schwarz supervises the club’s meetings which are every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Film is a major interest and hobby for Schwarz. She speaks of the club with enthusiasm, saying “Every member of the club is always having fun”.

During Film Club, members work together to create a movie by discussing how a movie is made and how they can work with available materials and people to create the film. The club plans to start production of November 2013 and is hopeful in entering their film(s) in numerous contests. The club is excited for its first project of creating an anti-bullying short film. Casting for the film will be announced and anyone from the student body is able to audition.

Those who enjoy film or those who simply want to have fun while working on a fantastic project are encouraged to join. The film club is open to anybody at anytime. A film can always use a larger crew, which means more students are always welcome. For the older kids who need CAS hours, this club is a great way to earn them. The film club encourages students to build many enjoyable memories while creating an amazing film that will “leave your mark” in BSGE.

For others who want to start a successful club but are unsure due to fears of impracticality or simply don’t know where to start, here is some advice from Natalia and Ms. Schwarz. “Creating a club is a commitment, meaning that you need to be someone who can take initiative and become a leader” says Ms. Schwarz. She continues, “In order to create a great club, you must also be very passionate about your topic and you must be determined to make a club that lasts”. She also suggests that if you have a plan on what your club is about, then gather some friends who share similar interests, like your idea and who plan on actually attending if the club is created. It is also required that you find a teacher to supervise and that your idea is approved by principal Ms. Johnson. Advertisement and planning meetings for your club is also a crucial part in establishing and getting people to come to your club. Whether it is attending a club or creating a club, clubs will help students learn how to act and learn in BSGE and to develop into a mature adult.


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