by Garett T '18

The Soccer Squad

The soccer team is a club that many students, teachers and parents are interested in joining, either to be a player or to be a coach for the team. Many kids in the school want to be part of the team mainly because they are captivated by one of the world’s most popular sports and want to compete against other schools in order to be one of the best soccer teams in the New York City school system. This would take a lot of effort and many students are willing to give up their school studying time in order to help contribute to the team. One student, Matthew Farella ’18, enjoys playing soccer and says, “Yes, I would be interested in joining a soccer team because I love to play sports and BSGE doesn’t have that many sports for boys to play.”

A father of BSGE students Mariah Ryding ’18 and Ian Ryding ’15 is very interested in coaching BSGE’s soccer team. One teacher who is also very interested is Mr. Giraldo, a Spanish teacher at BSGE.  Mr. Giraldo says that he was very fond of playing soccer when he grew up in Columbia. It is a national sport there and he feels that it would be nice for BSGE to have a soccer team. He says he would be able to fulfill his dream of playing soccer by helping the BSGE students play the sport effectively.  There are many things that hold BSGE back from having a soccer team, however.  In the past years, BSGE has tried to start a soccer team, but there are not that many fields to practice on.   In order to be able to play on a field, you need a permit that allows you to play there. This permit has to be approved by city.  The school has tried to fill out an application, but has been denied since many schools are also interested in getting a permit limiting the amount of available space.

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