by Lydia S '15

Astoria Hospital Mount Sinai Announces Reconstruction Project

The Mount Sinai Queens Hospital located twenty minutes away walking distance from BSGE is known for being shabby-looking and not very inviting when looking for a remedy to your injury. But recently the hospital on 30th Avenue formally announced their $125 million building expansion project that will add medical departments open for local residents.

A new building will be added to the hospital which will include an expanded emergency department, more operating rooms, new medical practice offering primary care, specialty care, and urgent care and more diagnostic and laboratory services. Patients will be immediately attended to now that the hospital has not only more space but more equipment and money as well.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney was one of the many excited about the project. She said, “Today, health care reform will make it impossible for millions of Americans to obtain what should be a fundamental right in our country: access to quality health care.” Maloney quickly added, “And that is what residents in Western Queens and beyond can find at the current Mount Sinai Queens.”

The rebuilding project began in August of 2013 and is expected to finish in 2016. The expansion is not only beneficial for the hospital and Queens community but also for the economy and job market. The project will generate 460 construction-related jobs, 340 additionally related jobs and $166 million to the local economy. Also 160 new staff jobs for the hospital are expected to open after construction finishes.

“The expansion of Mount Sinai Queens will provide essential health care to a culturally-diverse community that has been underserved,” said Andreas Dracopoulos, Co-President of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which has provided major donations for the new Emergency Care unit. “Hundreds of thousands will benefit from having access to even more efficient health care.”

BSGE students are also enthusiastic about the new construction project. A tenth grader, Sarah Hamed, commented on the project by saying, “I think that’s really nice that they get to rebuild the hospital. They provide a better environment for the patients.” She continued, “It’s like when going into a new home, you feel better and safer and more relaxed which I am sure the patients feel as well”.

Stop by the hospital in the next few months to see the gradual construction of the hospital. Unfortunately residents and community members will have to wait another two to three years for the completion of the project.


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