by Camilla K '18

Capturing the Moment

BSGE has a new photography club that students can enjoy. The photography club is for students  who are passionate about photography and are interested in learning and sharing photography techniques. The group meets every Friday after school during eighth period to discuss and take part in the process of producing images. The club is supervised by Mrs. Jennifer Dikes, who is interested in photography herself.

Since the club has just recently started meeting, Ms. Dikes wants to get a feel for the proficiency level of every member. However, interested students are not required to have any prior knowledge about photography to join the club. Additionally, no sophisticated  equipment is required. Members of the club can use whatever camera they have available at home. The club is providing new opportunities for students. Beatriz Benares ’16 said, “The photography club is a great club to be in. Members can gain new photography skills and techniques, meet new friends, and learn how to take amazing photos”.

Since most of the students joining are new to photography, the club’s aim is to have those students become more involved in the art form and become more appreciative of it. Lauren Ouaknine ’14 said “It’s also to bring together a bunch of people who share a common interest to make more things and reflect on how we each see the world through viewfinders.” Lauren joined the club herself because she has an interest in photography and art. Students like Lauren feel that the photography club helps them practice what they really love and provides them with different ways to think about art.  Every time the club meets up, they are given a weekly challenge. Ms. Dikes instructs the students to take pictures with certain themes. Lauren said, “For the first week, our challenge was to capture texture around the school building. This past Friday, Ms. Dikes took us outside to capture contrast in a way that’s visually appealing and interesting.”

The photography club has its participants experiment with photography and students really seem to enjoy it. If you have an interest in art or just want to try something new, you should check out the photography club!


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