by Lydia S '15 by Neha M '14

Class of 2013 Receives Thirty IB Diplomas

This past year, BSGE’s class of 2013  was the recipient of thirty IB Diplomas. In a class of fifty-two students, forty-four candidates were qualified to receive the diploma, however ten students did not obtain the diploma due to an ongoing conflict relating to their Visual Arts HL grades. A few students did not receive the diploma solely because of their Art HL grades. If a student receives a 2 in any HL class then he or she will not receive the diploma. Out of the graduating class of 2013, six students had enough points to receive the diploma but because of their 2 in Art HL class they were not eligible for the diploma. Before, IB Art artwork finals were graded from outside IB teachers that came into the school, but now the IB uses a system where artwork is posted online and from there graders evaluate the work. The school has fired a complaint against the IB to re-asses and reevaluate these student’s final marks in hopes that they may be revised so that students could indeed receive the Diploma. Thirty out of the forty-four IB candidates completed all the requirements which is the highest percentage diploma recipients in BSGE history.


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