by Maya J '16

Longtime Math Teacher Adam Noor Leaves BSGE

This Fall saw the departure of one of BSGE’s favorite teachers – Adam Noor, who taught 10th grade trigonometry and 11th grade math studies for ten years. Mr. Noor, who left to take a job teaching in other parts of the world, was known for his easygoing attitude and sense of humor. Students were disappointed to hear he wouldn’t be teaching at BSGE this year, especially those who expected to be in his class. “It’s like no one is there to guide us,” said Stephanie Pichardo ‘16.

Mr. Noor was assigned a 10th grade advisory and three 10th grade trigonometry classes to teach this year. Although he was in the building for the first two weeks of school, a substitute took over afterwards until a new teacher could be hired. For the 10th graders, the transition has not been easy. “It’s really annoying,” Isabelle Lee ‘16 said. “They twisted us around. They had the whole summer to figure it out.”

The change has been especially difficult for those who are also in Mr. Noor’s advisory. Typically, during the first few weeks of school, 10th grade advisories work on finalizing topics for students’ personal projects. “We didn’t have anyone to help us through the project,” Sudipta Chowdhury ‘16 explained. “Even though it’s an independent project, we still need help from teachers.” As a result, the advisory fell a few weeks behind the other 10th grade advisories on the Personal Project calendar.

With Ms. Johnson’s help, however, the class is almost back on track. In early October, Ms. Julie Hunter, the new math teacher, began teaching the three classes and advisory. Students are optimistic about math class this year, despite feeling that they have lost a few weeks and are behind on learning the material needed for the trigonometry Regent. However, regardless of what happens this year, Mr. Noor will be missed among the staff and students at BSGE. “I’ll miss his enthusiastic personality,” said Akib Rahman ‘16. “He really made the classroom feel alive.”

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