by Lydia S '15

Diary of a 7th Grader on Her First Week of School

Day 1:

The first day came with a mixture of feelings. Coming from a school that gave about one homework a day plus reading, it would take some time to get used to all the homework and effort that has to go into this. I know that almost everyone else could agree. When I first came in it was scary but the air was full of excitement and smiles. I knew that everyone loved it here but I was still worried that I would have enough time to do homework or keep track of what the teacher was saying. Luckily, I made it past the first day with a smile on my face because all the teachers were super nice and knew what we were going through.

Day 2:

Today was a bit tricky. Everyone was asking for more supplies than it said on the list and that was a bit of a hassle getting everything on the second list of supplies because we only have today and tomorrow to get everything. This was the day when teachers started to give more homework. We even had our first math project assigned. I was a bit intimidated because my old school had nothing close to this. But inside I was kinda glad because it would get me a bit more used to the routine.

Day 3:

By today I got almost all of my teachers’ names and was very happy with them because they all are very nice and sweet but also a bit strict and that is an important quality in a teacher. Today was when I was working on my math project and I saved a homework for the next day. In this school it is very important to keep track of time because you have a strict time limit and you have to get there early so that you won’t be rushing and forget a very important homework assignment like I did and make a bad impression on the teacher.

Day 4:
Today I managed to get ready at my locker pretty quickly and not forgetting anything. I learned to use your locker because if you bring a textbook that you won’t be needing then you are wasting space and you will have more weight on your back and that is not helpful when you have to walk up and down flights of stairs. In school don’t slack off and do something else, I know its tempting but if you work first and then have fun you’ll have even more fun and no stress because stress and fun just equals stress. It’s for the better, for you and your grades.

Day 5:

Friday. The day to give all our assignments in and get ready for a nice fun filled weekend (after you finish your homework of course). Thankfully my stream had yoga today because nothing says relax like calming and soothing yoga. Friday was one of the best days of the week because I didn’t have to worry so much about not finishing all of my homework on Friday because I had Saturday too. And I know not to leave it till Sunday. Or do I?


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