by Camilla K '18 by Nibras I '18

BSGE’s New Debate Club

BSGE has a new Debate Club that meets during 8th period on Thursdays in the Library. Debate Club is an opportunity for students to express their feelings on various topics using the art of debate. It was started by 7th grader Adam O. Ms. Clarkson Farrell, the advisor of Debate Club, is hopeful for the future of debate club. When asked the main point of the club she replied that she hopes to “get the students to develop confidence in their abilities to speak publicly.” Although they do not participate in any competitions yet, Ms. Farrell hopes to get the kids to develop enough skills to compete. She says, “So far, the kids are doing well and are showing an improvement in their arguments toward a certain side of a topic.” As of now, they have mini debates where they are assigned a topic, have to do research, and then are asked to debate with a partner. She also hopes for another advisor, who is ready and willing to dedicate time to teach the kids how to debate competitively. BSGE used to have a Debate Club for years but was discontinued last year due to issues with funding. To join the club, you don’t need experience all you need is a “willingness to learn, participate, and socially interact with others. All you need is the willingness to learn the art of debate. It’s great opportunity for you to interact with new people and also work on your public speaking skills. for Debate club is on Thursdays after school. Join debate club today!


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