by Luke M '18

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Gym Class

All BSGE students are required to take a gym class but due to the school’s lack of space and budget cuts, gym class is either held at “The Rink”, “Arrow Park”, or the indoor fitness room. While some students enjoy the fresh air and chance to get out of school, others wish that BSGE had an indoor gymnasium to play in.  Variables like bad weather, danger and filth make outdoor gym a less desirable option. Some students want an indoor gym in BSGE so that they don’t have to face the harsh conditions winter brings. They would prefer the warm indoors where you can play year round instead being stuck in the exercise room when weather problems occur. They would prefer to play sports such as basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and floor hockey inside a gym rather than outside. Some kids would prefer an indoor gym because it’s cleaner and less dangerous in case someone falls. But indoor gymnasiums also have its downsides.

Indoor gyms are confined and have minimum space to play desired sports. Indoor gymnasiums provide less opportunity to experience new environments, which can make indoor gym less exciting. Fresh air isn’t accessible while playing in a indoor gymnasium, which makes students less eager to exercise. But 8th grader Tahmid Asif ‘18 states that “Outdoor gym has tons of space, sunshine, fresh air, and chances to play in teams with friends.” Ultimately, many kids have different opinions about indoor and outdoor gym and both have good and bad aspects about them.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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