by Michael X '18

Stop and Frisk Called into Question

Stop and Frisk is a program introduced in the late 1990s in which police stop suspicious-looking people on the street. If it appears that this person is in possession of a weapon, they are then checked for weapons on their body. This program has been postponed until Bill de Blasio is inaugurated. de Blasio vows to change this policy so it avoids racial discrimination. Many citizens of this city have complained in regards to racial profiling because the African-Americans and Hispanic population has been targeted in stops more often. However, others have insisted that it helps reduce crime. The decision on this policy is very important for the people of this city.

The current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is a strong proponent of Stop and Frisk. In a Washington Post article, Bloomberg claims that it has saved the lives of many people, many of whom are African-Americans or Hispanic. Bloomberg states that Stop and Frisk helps protect innocent inhabitants of minority neighborhoods. Bloomberg also says that Stop and Frisk is not racial profiling because “when it comes to policing, political correctness is deadly.”

The mayor-elect of the city, Bill de Blasio, is against Stop and Frisk and what he believes is the inherent racial profiling involved. He states that racial profiling has created a rift between police officers and minorities. African-Americans and Hispanics can no longer trust the police, who de Blasio insists, are discriminatory in their tactics. On de Blasio’s website, he states “innocent New Yorkers should not be subject to invasive and baseless searches strictly on the account of race.” When he is inaugurated, he pledges “to change the way the NYPD has been utilizing Stop and Frisk consistent with the NYPD’s ability to continue its magnificent performance over the past 23 years of dramatically reducing crime.” If successful, the ceasing of Stop and Frisk may completely change the way the NYPD approaches crime.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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