by Neha M '14

Crunching Numbers in Math Club

On October 21st, one of BSGE’s longest-running organizations, the Math Club, was started up once again.  In the first meeting attended by around fifteen people from the 9th through 12th grade, each member grew acquainted with how the organization would run, when future meetings would be held, and what being in the club entailed. Following this briefing, individuals who showed interest were nominated for  various positions in the club including president, outreach vice-presidents and challenge masters. At the subsequent council, Neha Mehta ’14 was elected club president, Ognila Biswas ‘14 & Mohammad Sadeghi were selected as Challenge Masters, while members chose Claudia Yan ’14 and Onkona Biswas ’16 as Outreach Vice Presidents.

The Math Club is currently supervised by 11th and 12th grade IB Math SL teacher Jim Napolitano, who has been head of the organization since it began. Jim Napolitano says the club “strictly operates under the students and will go wherever members choose to take it.” He explained that his role was essentially to provide help or assistance with challenges and work with the president to provide resources and direction in regards to math competitions BSGE is enlisted in. For example, every year BSGE participates in Moody’s Math Challenge, an annual modeling competition that occurs one weekend in March. Two teams, consisting of five students each, work from 7am to 7pm on a Saturday in attempting to derive a solution to a pressing global concerns.

The Math Club  meets Mondays from 2:15 to 3:30, but does not convene the first Monday of every month because teachers must attend a mandatory staff meeting. In addition, more fun follows as the organization gathers on Thursdays from 3:10 up until 5:00. The meeting on Thursday is attended mainly by 11th and 12th graders who wish to prepare for Moody’s Math Challenge. By starting to prep for the contest early, the Math Club hopes to effectively manage the entire process beforehand, so each student is prepared for their tasks. By dividing and assigning roles early-on, hopefully BSGE is far more ready this year to tackle the challenge, especially because the aim is to have two cohesive and unified groups.

Currently, the Math Club has around 16 members from the 9th through 12th grade, with a majority of attendees being seniors. During gatherings, members answer a wide variety of challenges that require serious critical thinking and making connections. Participants also look for competitions and events that BSGE can enroll in. Most people in the club take part in the Math League Contest, which is held once a month on Tuesdays from 2:25-3:00. Participants are given thirty minutes to solve six short-answer problems that cover a range of topics ranging from coordinate geometry and number theory to trigonometry. Attendance has fluctuated over the past few months, with anywhere from four to ten contestants.

All in all, if any of you have a yearnin’ for mathematical learnin’, you should definitely make a trip to a Math Club meeting and get the juices flowing with a great group of people.


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