by Annie C '18

BSGE’s New Parent Coordinator

BSGE recently hired a new parent coordinator named Margaret Pasach who is also BSGE parent. Pasach graduated from Queens College and Fordham University with an MA in Elementary Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. Before coming to BSGE, Pasach was working as an elementary school art teacher for grades 1-6 in and a substitute teacher. Pasach has also worked as a director of Arts and Crafts in Crane Lake Camp in Massachusetts.

Pasach is excited to jump right into the school community.  The main duty of the parent coordinator is to facilitate and coordinate interactions between parents and guardians with the school’s staff.  Pasach’s job also includes getting parents and guardians to be more involved in their children’s learning along. Pasach also answers any questions parents may have about the curriculum, program, teachers or events.  Another function of the parent coordinator is helping out and supporting pre-existing organizations, like the School Leadership Team  (SLT).

From her very first day at BSGE, Pasach has been keeping busy. One of the first things Pasach did when she started at BSGE was to advertise for Curriculum Night by listing all the after school clubs students can participate in.  She has been hard at work on the parent email contact list and giving out free Panera coupons for kids whose parents have signed up.  She also managed the volunteer system for the Parent Teacher Conference.  She attends all the PTA and SLT meetings and makes reports on her progress.  But besides that, one of her most important jobs is that she is now the person to call if parents have any issues.  She knows all the “happenings” around the building and is a great source of information.  Parents should try and get to know their parent coordinator so they can become more involved in school.  You can contact Mrs. Pasach by calling the school at (718) 361-5275 or emailing her at:


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