by Ana M '14

Halloween Rave a Success

    On October 25th, Senior Council threw a Halloween Rave to close off Spirit Week with a bang. Many attendees wore costumes which, though not required to enter the dance, was highly encouraged in order to get everybody in the Halloween spirit. About 200 people attended, making the dance a huge success, with Senior Council raising just over $1,000 to put towards the cost of senior dues.

    IMG_0081The big turnout at the dance marked a shift from the poor attendance at school dances in recent years. When senior council members were asked about the success of the dance, they  identified their determination to make the dance as enjoyable as possible as a major factor. “[The dance] was something we all wanted to succeed and make a reasonable profit from so we all put in our best effort,” says Lina Rahmani ’14. “It also worked because we had a spirit week leading up to the dance, so we were able to garner enough attention.” On how they came up with the theme of the dance, Izzy Hernandez ’14, says that they planned a rave “because it had never been executed before, and it fit the recent trends of the time.”


    A big part of the success of the rave also lay in the way it was promoted. The halls were adorned with mysterious flyers advertising “October 25th” weeks before, and carefully designed posters were placed strategically around the schools. The seniors were aggressive in selling tickets, chasing down unsuspecting middle schoolers to urge them to go and getting Ms. Johnson to make multiple announcements. “We made sure to approach every grade” says Lauren Katzenstein ’14. “We wanted everyone to attend.” Lina highlights the senior class’ efforts to promote the dance, saying that “our grade as a whole was proactive in selling tickets, and we had a lot of different people involved.” Izzy attributes the success of the dance to the posters, saying that “the mystery of the first round of posters generated interest. People just saw the date without knowing what it referred to and immediately wondered what it was.”

IMG_0099    The Senior Council plans to throw a Valentine’s Day Dance in February, so if you attended the rave and are excited for another dance, or if you missed out on this one and regret it, you have another opportunity to experience a BSGE dance. You’re welcome.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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