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December Snow

On Sunday December 8th, snowflakes floated onto rooftops, gently settled on tree branches, and nestled onto the cold ground. It was the first time it snowed this December.
Though snow makes a beautiful white landscape in the city, it poses threat to people. Heavy snow on roads could prevent people from traveling. Snow also causes sidewalks to be slippery, trapping people when falling from roofs, and giving people the cold. In 2010 Mayor Bloomberg has sent out snow plows too late to find many cars abandoned because they could not move and two people dead because of complications of Ambulances getting to hospitals quickly. Though snow could be dangerous people like Emanuella considered the efforts restaurants and the MTA of putting out salt to be “exaggerated.” Snowfall in New York City this December so far has not exceeded three inches.

The rest of America on the other hand has received a massive winter storm. In Minnesota people received as much as 1 to two feet of snow and Montana had temperatures reaching as cold as -25 Fahrenheit on Thanksgiving. This weather has caused over 250,000 homes in Texas alone to lose power and 11 people to die in the mid west, some in car accidents caused by poor visibility according to Fox News.
Eighth graders alike said they liked snow. Rayna Sinef ’18 said she would like it to snow more often because “it rarely ever snows, it would be nice to have a change and have fun in the snow.” With snow people could build snowmen, make snow angels, and sled down hills. There are many winter sports such as tubing, skiing, and figure skating that will be displayed in the in the Winter Olympics in 2014 starting February 7.
People such as Nicole Svirinavichiyus ’18 claimed with worry “I think snow has sadly decreased over the years.” Numerous studies have shown that the amount of snow on average has been decreasing for over thirty years, possibly as a result of increases in carbon dioxide emissions.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher