by Samantha V '18

New York’s Mayor-Elect Plans for Future

The 2013 New York mayoral election took place on the 5th of November. The two main candidates were Bill de Blasio (Democratic) and Joe Lhota (Republican). After leading the polls throughout the majority of the race, Bill de Blasio was elected mayor of New York. Bill de Blasio isn’t our mayor yet, but his official inauguration will be on the January 1, 2014.

Bill de Blasio is no stranger to the politics and government of New York. Since 2009, he has been the Public Advocate of the City of New York. De Blasio’s job is to help give New Yorkers the opportunity to express their ideas about the current government. He wants New Yorkers to be able to have a say in their own government because they are the ones who get affected by it. New Yorkers are the ones who could say what they think needs improvement and what is already fully accomplished. De Blasio has been working on limiting the use of stop-and-frisk. Furthermore, he thinks that New Yorkers are unnecessarily spending money on taxes that could be used for more pressing needs. For eight years since 2001, de Blasio represented District 39 in Brooklyn in the New York City Council.

One of the main problems that de Blasio wants to solve is getting New Yorkers in safe, comfortable, and affordable homes. Many New Yorkers are living in shelters, unsafe homes, or in homes without heat during the winter. He wants New Yorkers to be able to afford to live in a home with the appropriate living conditions for each season, such as having heat during the winter. De Blasio has been working on solving this problem even while he was public advocate. This is because this main problem can be divided into several smaller problems that affect many middle-class and lower-class New Yorkers. These problems include unfair landlords and unaffordable housing. Many landlords are charging New Yorkers too much for rent, leading to many New Yorkers living without heat. De Blasio wants to fix this issue by confronting the lousy landlords. De Blasio thinks that by confronting the landlords, they will be pressured into decreasing the rent and into fixing the living conditions for the tenants. De Blasio’s plans include creating 50,000 affordable housing units for low- and middle-income families.

Joe Lhota was Bill de Blasio’s opponent in the last mayoral election. Lhota was working as chairman of the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) until he decided he wanted to run for the mayor of New York. As chairman of the MTA, Lhota was in charge of making sure that the means of transportation in New York were getting New Yorkers where they needed to be in a reasonable amount of time. He also targeted major problems New Yorkers were encountering throughout their daily public transportation. Working as chairman of the MTA helped to encourage Lhota to become more involved in the government of New York.

In the end, de Blasio did win, but both de Blasio and Lhota came up with good plans to help New York and it’s residents. New Yorkers must have felt that the presence of Bill de Blasio as their mayor would have benefitted them more in the long run. Both candidates did a very good job of speaking their mind, but no matter what, only one of them could be the mayor of New York.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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