by Ausra P '18

BSGE Band Performs at Sunnyside Center

On Friday the 13th of December, Ms. Nikkolos’ orchestra performed at Sunnyside Center (a senior center). They played six band pieces and three solos during the afternoon. The concert went smoothly, and the seniors enjoyed listening to the music while they ate lunch. Elijah H ’18 found the experience very rewarding. “I felt happy because I was bringing love and happiness to others,” he explained. Ms. Nikkolos felt that the concert was “fabulous.” “It is a joy to see our BSGE musicians work so hard and make so many people happy,” she added. Xandy ’19 remarked that “it was fascinating.”

Getting to Sunnyside Center was not easy, due to train delays. Emma S ’18 said the subway complications “made it really hard to get to Sunnyside.” The orchestra was expected to arrive at Sunnyside Center at 11:30, but as the result of the complications getting there, the orchestra arrived around 12:30. Mrs. Nikkolos felt that the delays were a small struggle compared to the struggle of playing the instruments. She was glad that they “didn’t have to worry about staying overnight.”




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