by Ausra P '18

Frostbite Threat in New York City

Sometimes winter can get very extreme even in New York City. It was just on the morning of the 7th of January that temperatures dipped under 10 Fahrenheit. At below freezing, there is threat of frostbite.
Frostbite occurs when one stays in below freezing temperatures for a long time. It usually attacks the body parts such as the fingers, toes, cheeks, nose, and chin. It causes skin to become pale and when rubbed red and feel stung. This could be easily treated by applying warm water to affected areas and staying out of the cold. However in extreme cases frostbite could not be as easily treated. In extreme cases conditions could be permanent, including damage of skin, tissues, bones, and even nerve system.
Don’t worry about having to cut off purple toes anytime soon. Just bundle up as warm as possible, expose little skin, and don’t stay in the cold too much. It is the homeless people on the streets that officials worry about most developing frostbite. Luckily the forecast promised that the temperatures climbed up to above freezing temperatures by January 9th.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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