by Ritika K '14

Photography Club

The photography club is the latest addition to BSGE’s literally non existent line up of after school activities. Run by 12th grade History of Americas teacher, Jennifer Dikes, the committee meets every Friday after 7th period. Focusing on a new topic each week, the club explores different photography skills and learns how to use techniques when taking pictures. Each week Ms. Dikes assigns the group a new theme, which in previous weeks have included texture and black and white edits, and gives the group a week to take pictures that fall under that certain theme. Then, in the following week, the club has a critique of all of the photos sent in and discusses what each person did well using that specific technique. The most recent photographs taken focusing on making black and white edits are posted outside on the bulletin board adjacent to the elevator on the third floor.

With a set of newly purchased DSLR cameras arriving after Christmas Break, the photography club is also learning how to use Photoshop and taking pictures with something other than the little camera on our iPhones. The new cameras will also give students a hands-on experience with using a professional camera and learning how to use its multiple confusing functions to their advantage.


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