by Justin H '17

Change in Semesters

With the end of January comes the end of the semester, and that means that almost everyone in BSGE will have to adjust to some schedule changes.  7th grade students will stop taking music and start taking technology, while 8th grade students will stop taking technology and start taking art.  Similarly, 9th grade students switch from art to music.  The reason for this is that BSGE has to comply with city regulations, which state that there has to be a semester of music in middle school and in high school. 

Furthermore, Ms. Jackson, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Mac receive new schedules, meaning that most of the students in the school have a different teacher for their physical education class.  Each class can either switch between P.E. and yoga, or otherwise not switch at all.  However, it is slightly different for the 9th grade.  City regulations state that every high school student must take at least one semester of health before graduating from high school, and BSGE offers that health class during the first semester of 9th grade.  This means that 9th graders will either be transitioning from health to yoga or health to P.E.  Lastly, 11th and 12th grade students who take IB art will be changing teachers.  Ms. Schwarz’s students will have Mr. Sheridan, and Mr. Sheridan’s students will have Ms. Schwarz.

Schedule changes are not the only things that happen when the semester ends.  High school students at BSGE get two days off, which happened to be January 31 and February 3 this year.  The reason for the first day off is that it is Regents scoring day, and even though BSGE students do not take the January Regents, they get that day off.  We have a second day off because some high schools change their classes completely between semesters, and need the day off to prepare for the new schedule.

Of course, the most important thing that happens when the semester ends is that students get report cards.  Getting report cards is a time to dread for some, and a time to eagerly await for others.  For instance, Moshan Guo ’17 said that though she is nervous about getting her report card, and tries to “deny that [she’ll] do good,” at the same time she gets very excited.  No matter what your feelings are about everything that happens at this time of year, you can’t deny that the changes are very important.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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