by Justin H '17

Basketball Team Joint Fundraiser

In 2013, BSGE’s two basketball teams had a joint fundraiser.  It lasted from late October to the middle of November.  The fundraiser involved selling clothing such as shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, socks, tank tops, shorts, baseball caps and yoga pants.  Non-clothing items, such as cell phone cases, backpacks and watches were also sold.  This is the school’s first fundraiser with Fan Cloth, the company that manufactured these items.  In addition to raising money, the purpose of this fundraiser was to test out the company and see if BSGE could profit from doing business with them again.  This meant that there was no monetary goal.  Even so, the fundraiser made $300, which was used to buy equipment for both basketball teams.  All in all, this was just one of many expected future fundraisers necessary for the sports at BSGE to survive.

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