by Camilla K '18

Saying Goodbye to Sam Ulano

Sam Ulano, a man well-known to BSGE music students, passed away on January 2nd. He was a drummer and wrote his own music books used frequently by BSGE’s band and music classes. The band has frequently performed for Mr. Ulano in the past. He worked with a few of our students to help them with their music skills and teach them how to play and read sheet music properly. Furthermore, Sam Ulano donated instruments to our school and, according to music teacher Mrs. Nikkolos, “Not a single instrument in our school was purchased without the help of Mr. Ulano.” Mr. Ulano was a great supporter of the school’s music course and after-school band.

Sam Ulano studied music at James Monroe High School, starting with the drums. His drumming skills were greatly recognized and he received medals for his work. Music was a way for Mr.Ulano to improve his schoolwork and better interact with other people. Music was a passion of his and he began teaching music when he was just a teenager. At the age of 17, he opened his first studio in the Bronx. He enjoyed showing people how to play instruments and watching them learn to love music as much as he did.

His music has received great appreciation from others. Ulano has performed at the Borsch Belt summer resorts in the Catskills and on Broadway, as well as in weddings and studio sessions. Sam Ulano knew how to play various genres of music including classical, jazz, swing, Dixieland, and Latin.

Mrs. Nikkolos was a student of Mr. Ulano herself and is very saddened by his passing. She plans on creating a small memorial for him on the fourth floor, as well as hosting her own music lessons with fellow students of Sam Ulano. These music classes will be hosted at her house and Mr. Ulano’s past students will be invited to take part in them. Mrs. Nikkolos thought of Sam Ulano as a fantastic teacher. She is extremely thankful for his work and his help towards our school. Sam Ulano will be missed by BSGE.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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