by Michael X '18

BSGE’s Winter Concert

At 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 28th BSGE’s Orchestra and seventh grade performed for their Winter Concert. The concert was headed by Ms. Nikkolos, BSGE’s music teacher. This concert featured several piano and violin soloists also. The seventh grade performed “Summoning the Spirits”, “High School Cadets”, “Polka Dots”, “Kiss of Fire”, “Climb Every Mountain”, and the “Clog-Shoe Dance”.  Additionally, the orchestra performed “The Star Spangled Banner”, “America the Beautiful”, “Holiday Fantasy” and “Fiesta Mexicali”. Ms. Nikkolos is proud to have worked with this group of students. She calls them an “exceptional group of seventh graders and orchestra members.” Elijah Karshner, a 8th grader in the Orchestra, said,” The band concert was a benefit concert. I liked that we were helping a good cause.”

This year the money raised at the concert from donations were given to Clean Water for the World, an organization that helps the less fortunate around the world get access to clean water. Partnered with Helping Hands, the orchestra also held a bake sale to raise money, and donations were also appreciated.

San Ulano’s daughter was at the music concert. Sam Ulano, one of Ms. Nikkolos’s music mentors, passed away on January 2nd. His presence was and will continue to be missed. He loved working with children to excel in music and rhythm. Some of his students came to the concert in his presence. Ms. Nikkolos commented that he helped out the school greatly, and that he provided books for the school’s music department.


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